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Mellowy shades, austere blue and popular black

By Wednesday April 25th, 2018 No Comments

Before the start of the Olympic Games Darya Domracheva introduced to her fans the sweatshirt ‘High Five’ available in two colors: mint green and peach puff. Laconic, soft and warm the sweatshirt was a huge bestseller and disappeared from our catalogue in a flash.

But wait a minute! April is in and so is the good news: our sweatshirts are available for order again. Moreover, now you can top it up with comfy trousers which you can have in the same color or mix&match as you wish. No matter how you choose to wear it, be sure our sets are all about softness&comfort that goes perfectly well with this spring. We can’t ignore the fact that men love classic black and therefore, please welcome ‘High Five Black’.

And here comes more… New t-shirts, your favorite DD Color t-shirts and our perfect fit jumpsuits that help you deal with the everlasting question what to wear for a picnic, for a walk or when travelling… They are all in stock.

If you follow us on instagram you may have noticed that most of our posts are about training, sport and the sun, and that’s why you won’t be surprised to see our new page related to ‘leggings’ at www.shop.daryadomracheva.by . So check it out now: three colors that give you million opportunities to start jogging, biking, taking up yoga classes and do it in style… whatever floats your boat!