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The festive and merry events such as marriage and expecting a baby girl are not excuses for Darya Domracheva to put on hold her dynamic lifestyle. Three times Olympic Champion has been working very hard on her personal project throughout the summer and as a result today she presents to the public her online store.

Darya Domracheva: “I’ve always liked creating ideas and inventing something. When I could not train at the full mode during last summer I used that time for creativity, and biathlon was my inspiration. At a certain point I realized that I was thinking about making another project. On the one hand I wanted to do something nice – sort of a present – for my fans who have missed watching me compete, as well as to come up with something that could further motivate and give that extra boost for people to start doing sports. On the other hand, I knew that I have to express myself only in areas that I am best at.  As I grew up in the family of architects the design itself always appealed to me, and if talking about expertise then I can say that I’m an expert in sportswear, especially considering that I spend most of the time wearing it… And so it began”.

T-shirts, backpacks, headbands, hats, buffs and other items can be found in our online store starting from today – simply go to www.shop.daryadomracheva.by where you can get a close look at all the items and purchase the ones you like.

Darya Domracheva: “I really hope that wearing a t-shirt or a headband with a biathlon print will make its owner to run that extra mile, to set a small personal record or finally become a gym member. Doing any sport will bring you more joy if you’re wearing something that makes you feel confident».

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